Welcome To Lilleane Peebles Sculpture Gallery

Lilleane was born in Belgium of Peruvian diplomat parents, and has lived in various countries in Europe and Latin America as well as San Diego, California where she now resides. In 1989 when she was living in Lerici in north west Italy Lilleane became fascinated with the activity and atmosphere surrounding the marble quarries of Carrara and the artistic community of sculptors in Carrara and Pietra Santa.

She was determined to try carving with traditional tools and was lucky to be able to work for five years under the guidance of master stone carver Giovanni Bedini in his Marina Carrara studio. After returning to San Diego in 1994 she has been spending several months a year in Italy to continue her sculpting in Carrara.

Her style and subjects vary from classical Greek and Roman bas reliefs to impressionistic and modern expressionistic or abstract figures. What comes through in much of her work is her love of the stone, mainly different types of marble, limestone and travertino. She uses the forms, textures, shades, tones and patterns available in the stone itself as a key part of her artistic expression.

Her sculptures have been shown in Italy and in San Diego where she has completed a number of commissions and has pieces in private collections. Because of her knowledge of stone carving and finishing Lilleane has also turned her hand to repairs, modifications and refinishing of marble and stone fireplaces and architectural pieces in a number of La Jolla and Rancho Santa Fe houses.

Classical to Expressionist and Beyond

Lilleane started carving Classical relief and Decorative pieces in 1990 based on works in museums or the plasters around her in the studios in Italy.

She soon enlarged the scope of her work to include interpretations of paintings and drawings by Degas and Renoir then by the Austrian Egon Schiele, a particular favorite of hers.

She then started to create figures from her own imagination and in a style of her own but incorporating the earlier influences. Most of her more recent sculptures show the influence of a few present day sculptors, whose work she much admires.
Please visit Lilleane’s Sculpture Gallery to see photographs of most of her work.

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I have created this site to allow you to see a representative selection of my work without you having to come to San Diego or to my studio. The works are displayed neither in chronological order of creation nor by stylistic category and amongst them are images of a few works I no longer have and some that I would not part with.


Here I am at work on a bas relief in the Marina Carrara studio of Giovanni Bedini. See the “Anecdotes and Snapshots” page for more pictures of me at work.


Lerici, in northwest Italy near La Spezia, the Cinque Terre, Carrara and Pisa  is where my family and I lived happily for six years and still visit every year.


The marble quarries above Carrara